Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tgirls are never fully naked ...

1. Cool off: skinny dip in your backyard pool. (with only cock ring on your clit)
2. Make housekeeping fun: ditch those clothes, turn on some music and get out the mop. (Maids uniforms work for me!)
3. Get in touch with nature: shed those threads and grab your garden tools for some nude gardening. (in nothing but 3" heels)
4. Exercise: hit the treadmill or dust off one of the workout videos. (better yet film your own video)
5. Telecommute: working from home, in the nude, is in fact increasing in popularity. (Black satin night gowns work for me)


  1. Nothing more fun than driving a car with a manual transmission!

  2. Great photo! Wonderful colors, lighting and of course lovely gurl!

  3. Who's driving, where are we going? I don't care, cuz I know what we will be doing on the way and when we get there.

  4. Linda,queria estar aí com Você,pra fodermos bem gostoso,beijos...