Sunday, August 14, 2011

Has anyone ever questioned your sexuality? If so what did they thought you were into?Have you ever thought about your own sexuality?

My sexual orientation is questioned every day!

mine is going great.awesome stuff have u been doing

just having great sex!

Let's Do It Here!

Do you care if you commit Public Displays of Affection? :* Whats the most you done in pub?

yes I do love PDA ... I have given my share of blowjobs in public places!

Do you have a fav pair a panties you own? If so what do they look like?How about a sexy bra what colors are in it?

Anything lacy and black and I always match. My ex Ashley would take me to VS --- dressed in male clothes. We would shop for panties and bras and she would tell the clerk that they were for me. I will say the clerks really got into it. My clitty stayed hard the entire time.

I love going shopping to VS en femme now. I get to try my new panties on in the store.

One word that describe your first sex One word that describe your last sex:

Awesome .... Awesome

worst pickup line someones ever used on you??

Actually I have heard some bad ones ... but its only bad if you say no ... and i normally don't say no!

What do you think is your biggest flaw? What have you done about it?

I have no boundaries when it comes to sex!.... why chnage

views on reality tv?

I didn't know they had a reality show about tvs?

Which do you enjoy more, putting on clothes or taking them off?

Yes ....

thoughts on people who get paid for sex ?

why not get paid for what you do best!

7 things you would never wear in your life:

Cotton anything ... enough said!

Do you feel uncomfortable talking about your sexual history?


What was your last break down about?

His wife caught him leaving my house!

Your first bf/gf – what drew you to her/him?”

GF --- her gorgeous long legs ....

BF -- his gorgeous cock

what was the first thing you noticed about the person you're crushing on now?

His arms ... they are enormous!

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If you were really into a person but they had small tits/dick would you still like them?

Sure ... size does matter ... but I love little titties and little dick guys can blow me!

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Have you been called a slut before? Were you offended by it?

I am never offended about being called a slut ... I am what am!

Explain why the last time you realized someone wasn't exactly who you thought they were

I play that role everyday!

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how is your weekend going

Awesome and yours?

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would you dominate a sissy boy?

yes and I have!

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What would you say your reputation is like?

Those that know me .... know that I am a slut!

Have you ever kissed someone without knowing their name?

Yes i have many times actually ...

are you very open about your sexuality?

very open ...

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What do you think about lingerie?

Love it and must have something sexy on all the time! No respectful tgirl is ever completely naked!