Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guide ....

Guide the tip of his member inside you and slowly grind on this part to tease. Count down (loud enough for him to hear) from ten seconds, but as a surprise he doesn’t expect just yet, at three seconds in one swift move, push back to take it in further.Step Two – It’s all in the hips!Now that you are in the motion and are ready to step it up a notch, whilst you thrust in to one another, roll your hips for guaranteed g-spot stimulation. Or urge him to stay still whilst you grind your behind in circles.A guy loves to hear his girl moan in pleasure, don’t be afraid to talk dirty and let your partner know what it is he’s doing to turn you on. Not only does it fill him in on what you love most but also it drives him crazy too.Step Three – Roaming handsA position like doggy style gives your man the freedom to allow his hands to explore your body. He can cup your breasts and play with your nipples as he thrusts. Lean up and turn your head slightly to meet his lips for a passionate and explosive kiss whilst guiding his hand to play with your clitty.

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