Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have You Shared Your Wife or Girlfriend?

Please describe with as much detail as possible.
Yes I Have
Not Yet Want To Though?
Multiple Times?
Did You Participate?
Did You Suck His Cock?
Did You Swallow?
Did You Watch?
Did You Masturbate?
Did He Laugh?
Many times. I fluffed for Ashley throughout our marriage. I sucked my share of her boy friends cocks; i did watch their lovemaking and masturbated many times. I few laughedyes ... but once my mouth was on their cock... most said they had never receieved a better blow job!


  1. Yes I have, it its on my blog. Have sucked cock, never a swallowed she wants the cum on her! I have licked it off.

  2. Yes I have shared my wife. With my small penis it would not be fair to deprive her of real satisfaction. She loves it when she can have me fluff them and I always clean up the semen afterwards. Love to submit to her pleasure.

  3. Yes, I have also shared my wife with others. That was quite a few years ago. We began swinging back in 1966 soon after my return from Vietnam. At first it was with other couples. But, I did not really enjoy being seperated. Somewhere along the line, I realized that I enjoyed watching her especially face as she was getting fucked by someone else. I loved laying next to her and kissing her while she was being fucked. We started having threesomes and I found that I loved that also. The threesomes were always with another male. That God for memories. Wish we had had digital cameras then. We stopped in 1987 or 1988.

  4. .but it was a gf, and 2 diff gf..

  5. Que bumbum gostoso linda,quero morde-la e enfiar tudo isso,beijos...