Saturday, August 29, 2009


My .. My ... It Feels So Good!

Her fingers were slick from exploring my most intimate orifices. My nipple radiated warm pain when she pinched me.
Along the softness of my belly the tip of the steel plug traced a line downwards. She twirled it around my clitty. Then with one hand she pushed back the boys in me. With the other ... "Relax. Take it."
She pressed it inside me, the stretching sensation made me gasp.

Do You Over or Under Tip The Bartender?

Scenario: You're with two friends watching basketball at a Annapolis bar, and after steadily tipping $1--$2 per drink, the bartender buys you a round. How Much To Tip--And Why: $12. The fabled buyback should be rewarded, generally with an amount about the price of a round of drinks. (Don't expect buybacks in touristy areas.) Different bartenders have different rules for when they give customers freebies--one for every third or fourth round is common. Tip more if the buybacks come more frequently, or if you're given appetizers or shots on the house.

Plastic View

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eye View

Bath Room View

Exotic Bird View

Pool View

Pour View

Plaid View

Sizzling View



Quiet and Not So Quiet!



Friday, August 21, 2009

Did Someone Say ... Fresh?

How much of the earth's water is fresh?
Only about 1.6 percent of the water on Earth is fresh. Most of it is locked -- unusable for living things -- in snow and the ice at the poles and on the peaks of the highest mountains.

Glad I Don't Have To Polish It!

How large is Lady Liberty's fingernail?
The Statue of Liberty's index finger is 8 feet long, and it displays a fingernail measuring 13 by 10 inches.