Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cool u live by the naval academy!! Ever pick up any guys from there?

nope ...... off limits to places I hang

Hi,I have always been curious and wanting to be with a T-girl.I get so turned on by video`s of Chicks with dicks.If I ever met you,could I suck on yours and have you f**k my mouth until you cum in it?


Do you ever travel to western MD? You have a beautiful butt i would like to lick!

yes i have ,,,, thank you!

I apologize for confusing you. I was referring to circumcision.

yes i am cut

Merry Nikkijmas! Sure wish I'd find you naked & wrapped in nothing but a lacey bow under my Xmas tree! You are amazing & beautiful!

Thank you.... thank you very much

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

favorite piece of lingerie?

any garter belt set -- panties, stockings, garter and matching bra


Long ............................

Perfect View





Red ....