Thursday, July 8, 2010

Auction Time

A slave auction. I’m on stage, tied up, my arms above my head. I am nearly naked. People are openly, lustfully staring at my booty, my breasts and my stuffed panties.

A very crowded room is bidding pathetic amounts for my company for 2 full days and nights. I am finally auctioned off to some sleazy pot-belly guy, you, and your friends.
You grab my suitacase and drag me out.

Driving off, you are already groping me and making me suck their your cocks even before we arrive at your destination... For two days I am your sex slave; I hardly sleep. Sex on demand! I am made to service everyone constantly.

Where do you take me? How much do you pay for me? How many guys... any girls? What will I wear? How do I service you and your friends?

Tell me here or tell me in private... but tell me. I'm all wet thinking about it!

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