Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Much Do You Tip?

Barbers, salons, spas
Barber - $2-3
Hair Stylist or Color Specialist - 10-20%. $3-5 extra for last-minute service.
Hair extensions - 10-20%, regardless of the cost of the service.
Shampoo or other assistant - $2-5 for each person. Hand the tip directly to the person providing the service.
Manicure or Facial- 15%
Massage therapist - No tip if at doctor's office. 10-15% otherwise. If they come to your home or hotel room, find out in advance whether a tip is included in the price.
Electrologist, laser hair removal - Nothing.
Salon or spa package - Determine in advance whether a service charge is included. If none is included, then 10-20% split among the service providers. You can ask for it to be divided, pay each person at the time of service, or leave it in envelopes available at the front desk.
If the salon messed up your service, and you return for a re-do, do not tip again.
Owner who provides any of the above services - Follow the rules above.
The location of the service provider is irrelevant in determining the tip. It doesn't matter if they work in a salon, rent their space, or work out of their home.

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