Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dress Up!

Buy her a costume
The bottom line with this trick is that if you buy her a costume, she is obliged to put it on at least once and saunter around like a goddess. If you choose well, you may get more mileage out of it on special occasions. Do some discreet research and then go shopping.

Beware of scrimping; those $30 outfits on the internet may look hot on the perfectly proportioned
lingerie model, but "one size fits all" actually means "this will probably look stupid on your girlfriend." Check her lingerie tags for top and bottom sizes, and if she chops them off, ask someone reliable what they think. If it is more of a small, medium or large issue, it’s a bit easier -- check her clothing tags.Some popular outfits include the good old risqué clichés: nurses, maids, corsets, and dominatrix styles. Choose something that is stylish, sexy, well-crafted, and is going to fit her properly, not accentuating areas she would rather hide. Stockings, suspenders and corsets all have good coverage and still have great sex appeal.

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