Monday, July 19, 2010

Have Fun...

This experience might be for BOTH you and your husband, but paramount to everything else is that you have fun. That means if you want new panties, a new outfit, or the house cleaned, you shall receive it.
Planning is half the fun. Email your man, call your man, text message your man. As along as your husband knows about all of your communications, you should feel free to talk to your man whenever you want.

No secrets. If your man calls you and tell you how much he wants you, tell your husband. If you meet your man for a drink (or more), tell your husband. If you experience something special with your man while your husband isn’t present, tell your husband. Our husbands like details almost as much as we like having a special boyfriend on the side.

Remind your husband that you’ll stay with him forever. We love our husbands and we will never leave them…they need to know that. Just because I enjoy meeting my boyfriend on the weekends, doesn’t mean I don’t love my husband more than ever. Maybe even love him more for permitting you to have such experiences.

Do different things. Don’t get stuck in a rut. If you always meet at your house, ask to meet at your man’s place. Ask you husband to stay home while you go out. Ask your man to videotape your experience so your husband and you can watch later. Try audio taping the fun. Husbands love to listen.

Preserve yourself for your man. Never have sex with your husband within 1 day prior to meeting your man. Not only will you preserve your body for your man, but also you and your husband will enjoy the kinky rule.

Dress for your man. If he likes your black panties, wear them. If he likes no panties, remove them and ask your husband to hold them. If he likes your legs, wear a short dress. If he likes your feet wear high heels. No matter what you do, specify to your man that you are wearing it
Tell your husband what you like. If you enjoy your husband watching, tell him. If you enjoy being alone with your man, tell him. If you enjoy being double-teamed by them both, tell him. He is dying to hear what you like and what you want.

Express your fantasies. If you want to try something crazy, tell your husband your thoughts. Give ideas of wild things like role-playing while in public. Go to a bar (away from your home) and pretend your man is really your husband and that your husband is just a friend of your man. Arrange a 4some with one of your man’s friends. The extra set of hands wonders. Remember how great it was when your first experienced 2 men? The 4 hands touching your body? Imagine 6 hands!

Request gifts from your man. He enjoys giving you pleasure in bed. He enjoys when your husband watches him do it. He’ll also enjoy buying you little gifts to show he cares. Start by asking for something small. Maybe, a nightgown or new panties for him to tear off of you.
Never settle for just having a husband. You may love him forever, but you deserve to enjoy other men too. If you break up with your man, tell your husband to find another one. Tell him that you enjoy and deserve the attention of two (or more) men. He’ll understand. He loves you and wants you to be happy.

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