Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You say in your that you were purchased.Many questions come to mind now. How much? How long? Was it your choice or did your previous owner want to do that?What were the conditions of the sale?

Thanks for asking. Basically Quinn's payment to me is a monthly price for services rendered. I moved from Maryland to his estate near Dallas. I pay no rent so all the money I make goes into my pocket. he owns me... but its pure business deal. The contract is for one year and I can leave or stay at the end of its term. I have enjoyed my time in Texas but I do miss Maryland and will be moving back in the Fall. I own a house there and will also be taking up residence in my old bartending job. It was my choice. The conditions are simple. I am Quinn and Alexa's f*ck toy and i do whatever they wish or desire.

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