Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Special Thanks to All My Followers

I want to thank all my followers. We do truly appreciate it each and everytime you stop by.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Double Trouble


Let's Dance


Miss K





2008/11/20 名曲喫茶 女装 Drag Qeen's Caffe


Subversion snap


culos castelldefels



Nicole A.



From: Red Headed Whore

Joy Trish

Outside Alcova

Gina Stone

Red 2 Feb 2010


going for gold



Friday, September 24, 2010

Nikki- Do you prefer to be a maid or a Slut? Coy or Wanton? Reluctant but willing or hungry and able to get what you want (WHAT we all WANT?)- Lisa

Great question Lisa! I am a Gemini thus the twins show up all the time. I can be a perfect maid and I can just as quickly be a slut toy. I would never want to give up the options. Coy offers many different sides – one that brings out the cuteness, the playfulness but I can also be a little … maybe more than a little – coquettish. I have no problem using all my charms to gain attention of men. Sometimes the only sincerity muscle in my body is between his legs. It comes around and goes around sister.

I can lean to being wanton sometimes but I do have my boundaries. I am never truly malicious but I love it when someone wants to be extravagant with me. If you want to buy me lingerie, don’t go to Feline’s Basement.

I am always willing very rarely reluctant. I might hesitate or may show an aversion; but normally that’s my inner voice telling me to be cautious. You have to listen to your inner voice.

The submissive versus Dom/me power exchange is all about control. Who’s in control when you have your lips around his cock or your tongue darting in and out of her pussy?

Ask me anything ... nothing is off limits!

We'll Call it

Some of the Most Perfect Views in the World ... They will think its about mountains,streams, valleys, oceans, palm trees and old buildings ... but in fact it will be about sex and more sex, girls with big clitties ... girls in lingerie and girls dressing as maids and of course all about their pantie surprises.
What do you think? Do you think Discovery or National Geo will start up a adult network just for us?
Whew... it must be the coffee ...